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Technical inspections, repair and dry-docking superintendent services

Our skilled team can assist you with technical inspections repair planning and dry-docking preparation and superintendent services when you need it. In some cases, it could be more cost-efficient to buy from us these services instead of employing your engineers. When planning any project we can assist with our input/advice which will provide added value, thanks to our experienced team which has a long track record of working within the shipping and oil industry for decades. Our team strength is the drive to always pursue the most cost-effective solutions which will benefit our customers.

Whether a vessel is  dry-docked, berthed or on a voyage, we can arrange/ supervise repairs and send back vessels to operations as soon as possible. Our previous experience in dry dockings, surveys, major repairs, conversions help to provide cost-effective & professional service to ship owners. We can travel to any location of the globe to carry out repairs on almost any type of vessels, including dry cargo vessels, passenger vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, tugs & barges, offshore structures etc.

We can undertake or arrange best services by finding a suitable dock, repair yard or repair teams to our clients, including

  • Tank insulation installation, recoating as well as tank cleaning and gas freeing

  • UTM measuring and steel change

  • Gritblasting and painting

  • Engine & machinery overhauls, damage repairs,

  • Pumps, compressors,

  • Re-tubing on main and auxiliary boilers, economizer repairs

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Pressure tests

We can arrange a comprehensive range of steel services to the marine industry, including repair and construction of steel structures, Plate work fabrication of hulls structures, double bottoms and ballast tanks through our sub-contractors.We can supervise & provide subcontractors for a wide range of welding work & pipework services, for the onboard requirements, Project engineering, Maintenance and repair of all piping systems.

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