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Inside insulation for hot oil products like HFO and Bitumen

Inside insulation for hot oil products like HFO and Bitumen

Heating bunker heavy fuel oil (HFO) with properly isolated bunker tanks insulation reduces emissions, costs and other drawbacks considerably. Did you know your company could save up to 90%  in bunker tank heating costs using TT EnergyTank inside bunker tank insulation. In addition reducing the need for heating is not the sole reason for installing TT EnergyTank insulation. Less heat in the machine rooms, cabins and spaces located near the bunker tanks can provide increased comfort and make spaces that other wise are unusable due to excessive heat useful. Cabins located near or above heavy fuel oil bunker tanks are in some cases to warm. Only by insulating the bunker tanks from the inside proper heat insulation can be achieved.

There are several drawbacks with external bunker insulation; there will always be gaps in external insulation causes the bunker tanks are directly connected structurally to the ship hull. These thermal leak points does transfer considerable amounts of heat to areas nearby the heavy fuel oil bunker tanks. TT Energy Tank insulation is the only inside insulation system that can stop all heavy fuel oil bunker tank thermal leak points in a vessel.External bunker tank insulation is often as good as leaving a thermos can open - it does not do a very good job in keeping the inside hot and the surrounding cool.


Even seemingly small thermal leak areas reduces the efficiency of a the insulation considerably. The only way to insulate a bunker tank properly in an efficient and cost effective way is to insulate it from the inside. TT Energy Tank is the first bunker tank inside insulation on the market, and the only bunker tank insulation that really does what it says on the thin. TT EnergyTank insulation method and materials are protected with international patents. TT EnergyTank heavy fuel oil bunker tank insulation is cost effective, quick to install and has a very short payback time. TTEnergy Tank.

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