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Double hull Conversions

NTC has planned and implemented advanced oil tanker single-hull to double-hull conversions on our clients vessels. In this way we have increased the life-span and safety of older oil tankers. After the hull-conversions these oil tanker vessels meet the latest safety requirements for oil tankers. Single-hull tanker phase-out will change the crude oil shipping industry to become safer. However ship-yards cannot make the required amount of new builds by 2010. From ecological point of view conversion of older single hull tankers may well be a more environmentally sound solution.

These advanced modifications have made large scale investment savings for our clients, increasing their profitability on a significant level, for years to come. Double-hull conversions have also provided our clients with the benefits of being able to act everywhere on the world-wide markets, thus increasing the market value of their fleet. Northern Tanker Company Oy is not without reason considered one of the most innovative ship-management service companies in the world.

We provide oil tanker single-hull to double-hull conversions, and ship-management services for oil tanker companies world-wide. Northern Tanker Company also provides other advanced vessel modification services reducing our clients running costs. We plan all modifications and ship maintainance services in smallest detail minimising required dock times - again to maximise our clients profitability.

Contact Northern Tanker Company today - the ship-management company converting single hull oil tankers into certified double hull oil tankers to receive further information on oil tanker double-hull conversions and our advanced ship-management services. We are commited to cut your costs, increase your profitability and maximise your Return-On-Investment.

See proof of actual succesfull modification and re-classification of a oil tanker from single-hull to a double-hull tanker below. Actual classification certificates of oil tankers Tebo Olympia and Rio Grande certificates prior to the double-hull conversion as classified as a single-hull tanker and after the ship-hull modification classified as a double-hull tanker

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