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LNG equipment

NTC provides cutting edge technology in transporting LNG in most economical and environment friendly way, which requires a high level of engineering expertise and careful manufacturing and installation to provide a sound, safe product, depending on the project needs we provide complete solution starting from liquefaction, transport, regasification and Gensets in collaboration with other players. We provide the complete solutions across the complete LNG Value Chain starting from Liquefaction, Distribution, regasification and End use applications using Gensets which are run on Natural gas.

Containers for Distribution and Storage

LNG transport from a central liquefaction plant to areas where no pipeline and gas grid exist creates a virtual pipeline that enables natural gas to displace traditional and more expensive fuel options, such as LPG and diesel, for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. The most cost effective way to transport natural gas is in liquid form, it can be transported by Road, Rail and Sea using our LNG Container which has the type approval for all modes of transport.

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