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Ship Management

Oil Tanker management

NTC is a company specialized in oil tanker management. We provide ship management services for oil tanker companies and vessel owners world-wide.

Cruise Ship Management

We have been managing cruise ships and passengers vessels for many years .We understand that every client, every ship, every itinerary and every product is unique

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Floating oil terminal management

NTC is a company with expertise regarding floating oil terminals and also with bitumen products. Currently from our existing floating oil terminal, we are providing about 15% of the whole Uk’s bitumen need.

Image by Tomas Williams
Technical inspections, repair and dry-docking superintendent services

Our skilled team can assist you with technical inspections repair planning and dry-docking preparation and superintendent services when you need it. In some cases, it could be more cost-efficient to buy from us these services instead of employing your engineers.

Oil tanker Ship-To-Ship operation as well as normal cargo handling Cargo Master Service

We at NTC understand that Ship to Ship  Operation is highly critical and specialized operation. An incorrect understanding of the various factors affecting Ship Handling can lead to serious accidents and unnecessary claims

Other ships management

​Ship management for shipping companies and ship owners by Northern Tanker Company (NTC). We provide worldwide ship-management services for large and small scale companies. We tailor our ship management agreements according to your specific needs.

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