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About us

Ship management company Northern Tanker Company Oy was founded 1993 and is today known for its inventive ship management solutions. NTC ship management is specialised in oil tanker management services. Northern Tanker Company provides advanced ship management services for all kind of vessels. NTC established it's position as a leading ship management company by being of of the firsts ship management companies offering their clients oil tanker hull conversions.

The shipmanagement company is today famous for its innovative solutions and the way it conducts its business world wide. Today, Northern Tanker Company provides ship management and crewing services word wide for its clients. But we also plan and implement advanced ship modification services, such as single-hull to double hull conversions of oil tankers. The inventiveness of the MD who is a problem solver by nature is also shown in the effective and continuously ongoing maintenance of the vessels. If only possible all maintenance or repair works are made without any stops, maximising the profits for the clients. In the event that dock time is required, the dock time is reduced to a minimum by careful planning. "We are always looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality", says mr Sommardal

"We see every task as a challenge and always look for ways to improve or clients businesses". To run a successful ship management company is important to have both a holistic understanding of the business and pragmatic hands-on approach. Without my vast experience in various positions in the shipping industry many solutions would not have been possible. Known for his excellent problem solving capabilities and positive spirit many new clients have been won. The MD is still the hands-on action-man man he always been and he can often be seen right on spot where the happening is.

This approach serves several purposes he explains. Not only do i like my job, but it is also motivating for my staff and the crew to see the MD doing hands-on work as a true team member. "This is not a company for lazy people!"

The inventiveness and positive spirit of NTC's founder Tom Sommardal is  reflected throughout the whole company operations. Every client receives the company's full attention no matter how small or large they are. It also keeps our staff highly-motivated when anyone who sees a way we can improve our clients business can call the MD directly.

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Tom Sommardal, Founder and CEO

Mr Sommardal has extensive experience in various positions within the shipping and maritime industry. He has worked for several years as a maritime safety and security inspector for the Finnish Maritime Administration, thereafter he was responsible for a larger logistics companies ship-management department taking care of their fleet management until he decided to found his own ship-management company - the Northern Tanker Company Oy.


Mr Sommardal believes in providing quick and effective decisions for clients, with no nonsense approach,the low hierarchy at NTC makes us much more agile than many lager ship management companies. Long before the single-hull oil tanker phase-out started, we started to plan and implement single- to double-hull oil tanker conversions of safety and ecological reasons. These modifications can be implemented in various ways.

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