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Floating Oil Terminal Management

The number of approvals and permits required to build an oil terminal particularly if it is built on land can be significant.  The permitting process for oil terminal facility construction and operations, depending on the location, complexity and community opposition, can be time-consuming and a great deal of work, usually taking several years before it can be in operation.


Depending on the type of terminal, other regulations may also come into play Before construction, thought must also be given to zoning and building permits. Fast-tracking a terminal project is often a laudable goal, but one which is unrealistic if the proper zoning and site permitting are not in place. At times, this can be a slow and painstaking process. With our floating oil terminal concept, the oil terminal can be in operation after a few weeks.


The Floating terminal can be expanded or moved easily on a need basis. NTC is a company with expertise regarding floating oil terminals and also with bitumen products. Currently from our existing floating oil terminal, we are providing about 15% of the whole Uk’s bitumen need.

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