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Cruise Ship Management

We have been managing cruise ships and passengers vessels for more than two decades. We understand that every client, every ship, every itinerary and every product is unique. Therefore our value preposition that NTC brings you is genuine, no-nonsense approach technical management team which is fully engaged, immensely experienced and exceptionally driven to meet your specific needs, more importantly, NTC embraces your business with a personalized approach to cruise ship management and customer service level you will not find anywhere else in within our industry.

NTC prides itself in delivering the highest quality service with fully integrated safety and quality assurance standards.  We manage vessels by meeting all regulatory and statutory requirements including all codes related to SOLAS, MARPOL etc. We support our clients with the purchase of the vessel, staffing, certification and possible upgradings for the intended trade. Casino cruises have also been in our portfolio of ships. Trading even in cold and icy conditions/areas is for us a daily routine task.


Risk Management

You do everything in your power to safeguard your guests, crew and investment. However, life at sea can never be entirely tamed. Superior ship management means being prepared for any situation. NTC conducts extensive risk management assessments of its operations as it relates to port facilities, shipboard operations and itineraries. You can feel confident knowing your fleet is in the hands of an NTC  team prepared to handle any situation to ensure the best possible outcome.

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