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Oil Tanker management

Oil tanker management

NTC is a company specialized in oil tanker management. We provide ship management services for oil tanker companies and vessel owners world-wide.

In addition to oil tanker management services we take every effort to increase our clients ROI (Return-On-Investment) providing advanced tailor made services - other ship-management companies are not likely to offer. We have for instance planned and implemented tailor-made oil tanker single-hull to double-hull conversions and made other advanced conversions and modifications on ships and vessels, reducing running costs and increasing our clients profitability.


At Northern Tanker Company we take every effort to increase your company's ROI Return-On-Investment using industry best-practices. While Northern Tanker Company might not be the largest ship-management company in the industry, but we are certainly proud of being known as one of the most innovative and agile ship management companies in the world. 

NTC has a proven track-record of helping our clients to achieve their goals. We offer flexible ship management services tailored to your needs, anything from ship management of one oil tanker or vessel to the total ship-management solution taking care of your complete tanker fleet management. Follow the link for more information about NTC's ship-management service. In addition NTC offers also special services. NTC has responded to both environmental safety concerns and interests of tanker companies by providing innovative services such as oil tanker hull conversions. We take on the complete planning, conversion and implementation of single-hull to double-hull constructions including the certification of the converted single hull tanker to a double hull tanker for safe and secure operation. Both the safety and the life-span of oil tanker vessels has in this way been increased. 


NTC has a proven track record as a total ship management solution provider reducing dock times at ship-yards and keeping your ships or fleet at sea - increasing your business profitability. For more information about our expertise in oil tanker management and oil tanker modifications . Learn how our oil tanker hull conversions and other ship modification services has improved our clients profitability and their return-on-investment ROI. By extending the life-cycle of ships and making modifications that cut the daily running costs of ships or oil tanker vessels Northern Tanker Company Oy has a proven track record as a ship-management company clients can rely on.

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