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Bolted oil terminal tanks

Our bolted steel tanks can be used for different fuels like diesel,  gasoline, heavy fuel oil, jet fuel etc. as well as for bitumen products. Our sizes range from 200 to 5000 ton. To use bolted tanks delivery and erection of the tank need to be fast and cost-effective. No welding will be needed and this is important in oil terminals. We deliver the tanks fulfulling these needs. Our bolted tanks can be removed and reassembled again several times.


Bolted tanks are suitable for temporary and stationary oil and bitumen terminals. Our tanks are manufactured under strict quality control and they are shipped in 40-foot containers directly to the site. We can arrange a team to set up the tank or a whole tank farm or alternatively, supervise you during the process. Let us know your local regulations and we will make sure our tanks will fulfil your legislation and we can arrange the needed local certificates.

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