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Non-stick paint for oil /ballast tanks 

Together with our partners, we have developed non-stick paint for oil tanks. This paint ensures that no oil will stick to the tank walls. This will eliminate the need to wash the tanks when changing cargoes or when we need to make the tank's gas-free. It will also help and eliminate contamination between different fuels and especially eliminate the possibility of getting in high sulphur content from the previous fuel into the new fuel. Also, tanks built for high-temperature oils like bitumen and coal tar with temperatures up to +200 o C or more can be painted with our non-stick paint.

Tanks used for transport of food products like juice, wine and similar liquids must always be extremely well cleaned between the cargoes to eliminate contamination. With the non-stick thin film coating can the risk to get contaminations to be minimized or eliminated.

Ballast tanks should be kept clean to have the ballast treatment system to work efficiently, therefore it could be necessary to paint the ballast tanks with non-stick paint to have the ballast treatment system to work properly. The ship's bottom could be painted with the non-stick paint to reduce the friction and to eliminate the possibility for the fowling to grow. We have also a special product available for trading in ice. This will reduce the possibilities to be stacked in the ice and also will it reduce the need for power to force the vessel trough the ice.

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