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Technology for saving bunker, cost and environment

Inside insulation for hot oil products like HFO & Bitumen

Heating bunker heavy fuel oil (HFO) with properly isolated bunker tanks insulation reduces emissions, costs and other drawbacks considerably. Did you know your company could save up to 90%  in bunker tank heating costs using TT EnergyTank inside bunker tank insulation. In addition reducing the need for heating is not the sole reason for installing TT EnergyTank

Non Stick Paint.jpg
Non-stick paint for oil tanks, ballast tanks & other places

Together with our partners, we have developed non-stick paint for oil tanks. This paint ensures that no oil will stick to the tank walls. This will eliminate the need to wash the tanks when changing cargoes or when we need to make the tank's gas-free.

Double hull Conversions

NTC has planned and implemented advanced oil tanker single-hull to double-hull conversions on our clients vessels. In this way we have increased the life-span and safety of older oil tankers.

Bolted oil terminal tanks

Our bolted steel tanks can be used for different fuels like diesel,  gasoline, heavy fuel oil, jet fuel etc. as well as for bitumen products.

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