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Quality and Safety

Northern Tanker Company quality policy supports the company strategy and demonstrates our commitment to create value for you through our solutions.

Northern Tanker Company (NTC) has 20 years with ship management competence covering marine and engineering expertise and all aspects of ship management and technical insight including development of marine and ship engineering capabilities. Refer to Reference page for complete list of NTC managed ships.  NTC also holds patents related to proven technically advanced insulation methods for ship cargo tanks, enabling energy and emission reduction from ships. We have a proven track record of  successfully implementing our insulation solutions on various large vessels, Kindly refer the  Reference page for complete list of our successful projects.

Our track record as managers, is impeccable showing no accidents through the 20 years of operation, with only a few minor incidents. Today NTC are the managers of one of the worlds´ biggest floating bitumen terminal for Puma Energy in UK, providing more than 20% of the entire UK bitumen yearly consumptions.

Our quality policy

We are committed to engineer, manufacture, deliver and service cost effective and environmental friendly high-quality solutions to the shipping industry and to fulfill our customers expectations using continual improvement.

Our commitment and objectives

We are aware that consistent customer satisfaction and a stringent approach to the environment are vital to our business climate. Every Northern Tanker  employee bears the responsibility of carrying out work to the highest possible standards and implementing company-wide management strategies

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