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Ship management services

Ship management services for oil tanker vessels and ships. NTC provides total ship management services for ship owners and shipping companies. In additon to ship-management Northern Tanker Company also provides crewing services and advanced services such as oil tanker single to double-hull conversions. We have also made other ship modifications to reduce running costs and increase the profitability for our clients. Some ship modifications can extend the life-cycle of oil tanker vessels and simultaneously increase the value of your tanker and fleet considerably, while others may cut the daily running costs and increase the profitability instantly.

Northern Tanker Company is a ship management company that understand our clients' business. We know that after all it is the bottom-line that counts, but one has to ensure safe and secure shipping at all times in all conditions. Therefore we have taken a pro-active approach suggesting ways to improve our clients businesses. Sometimes a very small initial investment will payback itself very quickly and increase the competetiveness and long term profitability in a very significant way. With ship management services like these you can be confident your business stays on course.

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